CPIP Processing in output location: /Users/paulross/tmp/python/Python-3.6.2_10/Objects/dictobject.c

Files Processed as Translation Units:

CPIP Command line:

/Users/paulross/pyenvs/CPIP36/bin/cpipmain -l20 -o /Users/paulross/tmp/python/Python-3.6.2_10 -k -j2 -r -p -l40 -g *.c -J /usr/include/ -J /usr/include/c++/4.2.1/ -J /usr/include/c++/4.2.1/tr1/ -J /usr/include/ffi/ -J /Users/paulross/dev/Python-3.6.2/Include/ -J /Users/paulross/dev/Python-3.6.2/ -D __has_feature(x)=0 -D __has_extension(x)=0 -D __has_attribute(x)=0 -D __has_include(x)=0 -D __GNUC__=4 -D __x86_64__=1 -D LONG_BIT=(8 * SIZEOF_LONG) -D __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ -D MACOSX -D STRINGLIB_IS_UNICODE=1 /Users/paulross/dev/Python-3.6.2/
Option Value Description
--heap False Profile memory usage.
-C/--CPP False Sys call 'cpp -dM' to extract and use platform
specific macros. These are inserted after -S option and
before the -D option.
-D/--define __has_feature(x)=0,
Add macro definitions of the form name<=definition>.
These are introduced into the environment before
any pre-include.
-G False Support GCC extensions. Currently only #include_next.
-I/--usr   Add user include search path.
-J/--sys /usr/include/,
Add system include search path.
-P/--pre   Add pre-include file path, this file precedes the
initial translation unit.
-S/--predefine   Add standard predefined macro definitions of the
form name<=definition>. They are introduced into the
environment before anything else. They can not be
redefined. __DATE__ and __TIME__ will be automatically
allocated in here. __FILE__ and __LINE__ are defined dynamically.
See ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E) 6.10.8 Predefined macro names.
-c False Add conditionally included files to the plots.
-d/--dump   Dump output, additive. Can be:
C - Conditional compilation graph.
F - File names encountered and their count.
I - Include graph.
M - Macro environment.
T - Token count.
R - Macro dependencies as an input to DOT.
-g/--glob *.c Pattern match to use when processing directories. i.e. every file.
-j/--jobs 2 Max simultaneous processes when pre-processing
directories. Zero uses number of native CPUs [4].
1 means no multiprocessing.
-k/--keep-going True Keep going.
-l/--loglevel 40 Log Level (debug=10, info=20, warning=30, error=40, critical=50)
-o/--output /Users/paulross/tmp/python/Python-3.6.2_10 Output directory.
-p True Ignore pragma statements.
-r/--recursive True Recursively process directories.
-t/--dot False Write an DOT include dependency table and execute DOT
on it to create a SVG file.

Total number of files processed: 374

Total number of lines processed: 92,223

Total number of bytes processed: 4,497,485

Time start: Tue Oct 3 00:51:42 2017 Time finish: Tue Oct 3 00:53:24 2017 Duration: 1 minutes, 41.935 seconds. CPIP version: 0.9.5