Makes replacements in a list of lines.

exception cpip.util.MatrixRep.ExceptionMatrixRep

Simple specialisation of an exception class for MatrixRep.

class cpip.util.MatrixRep.MatrixRep

Makes replacements in a list of lines.




list of weak references to the object (if defined)

addLineColRep(l, c, was, now)

Adds to the IR. No test is made to see if there is an existing or pre-existing conflicting entry or if a sequence of entries makes sense.

It is expected that callers call this in line/column order of the original matrix. If not the results of a subsequent call to sideEffect() are undefined.


Makes the replacement, if line/col is out of range and ExceptionMatrixRep will be raised and the state of theMat argument is undefined.

Parameters:theMat (list([]), list([str])) – The matrix.